Makina Parkurumuz


FORM 30 Advantages for your profit

Mechanical design
Compact design, cross table, cast-iron “C” frame delivers mechanical stability and precision.
Linear Glass-scales; X Y Eliminate all errors caused by backlash expansion and ball-screw wear.

AC FORM HMI, Operating system Windows XP with multitasking 17" LCD screen,  mouse or  touch screen, keyboard and Remote control

High end GFAC Generator IPG

With the TECFORM: 
Simple description of machining targets
Automatic selection of optimal technology
Dynamic parameters adaptation

iQ Module 
The FORM iQ contains an optimized control and dynamic to eliminate the mechanical wear of the electrode, icluding an optimation of the flushing.

Linear tool changer (LTC)
Electrode magazine is integrated into the left side from work tank up to 6 pos.

Technical data:

Axes travel X/Y/Z
600 x 400 x 400 mm
Max workpiece size
1000 x 700 x 400 mm
Max electrode weight
50 kg
Max workpiece weight
1000 kg
Table dimension
600 x 800 mm
Electrode changer capacity
6 positions
Best surface finish
Ra 0.4 µm
on a surface
40 mm X 40 mm
Power supply
140 A